About The Boom Brunette

The Boom Brunette has an B. Sc in Pharmacy and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. She teaches pharmacology and do research on Alzheimer’s disease at a public university. She is also a  wife and mother of a tween model and actress, Natasha LaJolie.  
The Boom Brunette was born in Belgium, she is fluent in French and has family not only in the United States, but also in Belgium, Guatemala and Russia.
The Boom Brunette created this blog to connect with other women and moms on topics related to raising a single child (currently a tween), women midlife crisis, and aging healthy.  
The Boom Brunette loves to bring you the latest in tween girl fashion, skincare for mommy and me, mindfulness for midlife women, travel destination for family with a tween girl, and many other things she enjoys to do and that she wants to share with you.



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