About The Bangin' Brunette

I'm Sophie, I'm a pickleball maniac, a USA pickleball ambassador and PPR certified coach. On the courts, I'm also know as the Bangin' Brunette. Off the courts, I'm more serious, I teach pharmacology and do research on Alzheimer’s disease at a public university. I'm also the mother of a teen model and actress, Natasha LaJolie.   
I was born in Belgium, I'm fluent in French and have family not only in the United States, but also in Belgium, and other countries in Europe. I.have a B. Sc in Pharmacy and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. 
I created this blog to connect with other women who are also pickleball fanatics, going through women midlife crisis, and interested in aging healthy.  
I love to bring you the latest on pickleball tournaments, facilities in the SouthBay, mindfulness for midlife women, travel destination for pickleball maniac and family with a teen girl, and many other things I enjoy to do and want to share with you.



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