Acting class and impromptu photo-shoot with my bestie

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Saturday is the day I am in acting class. While there are lots of studios to choose from in L.A., we have chosen the Gray Studios in NoHo. The owners and instructors are amazing and plus I got to be in class with my good friend Kyleena.

We work hard each week on a new script and today after class our moms recorded our joke of Day.
You want to know what it is?
Check this video:

We had planned to cheer for the UCLA Women Tennis who were playing in the NACC regionals (which explains our #OOTD)  but the inclement weather caused a rain delay and the matches were postponed to later in the day. Instead, we put our modeling skills at work, and my mom took some nice shots of us two behind the Gray Studios where there are beautiful murals...We love street Art.

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