My life as a Little Mermaid

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Once upon a time there was a little girl who loves swimming and always dreamed to be a Mermaid... until the day she discovered Fin Fun Mermaid.
Diary of my life as a real little mermaid:
When I wore the mermaid tail for the first time, it was magical and I told my mom that this was a dream come true!
Ever since then, I am just looking for any opportunity to wear my Fin Fun Mermaid Tails, whether it is at the pool, or at the beach. The Neoprene Monofin is a little hard to slid in, and needed the help of my mom. But once I have the Tail and Fin on, the Mermaid Tail is very comfortable and fun to swim with. It is definitely Fin Fun!

* Getting ready to jump in the pool with my Fin Fun Mermaid swimmable tail and swim like a real mermaid.

* Going to swim practice with Fin Fun Mermaid leggings & T-shirt.

Fin Fun clothing have great designs, are very light and of high quality.

*Relaxing in the ocean with my Fin Fun Mermaid wearable tails and bikini.

As a modern Mermaid, I also had fun taking selfie in the Ocean.... Thanks to Proshot case for keeping my iphoneX functional in the water.

Not only I love Fin Fun wearable tails, but I also adore their cute bikinis. Their size 8 fits me perfectly!

If you are a little swimmer like me or know a girl who dreams to become a mermaid, visit FinFun Mermaid and shop for their mermaid tails and clothing, they are such great gifts for the Holiday Season.

This “My life as a Little Mermaid post” is a sponsored collaboration between and Fin Fun Mermaid. All opinions expressed are our own and written by my  mom. For more information on our sponsored content and/or affiliate link policy, please click here. 
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